Introducing Gaggle
The Game for All Kinds of Smart

How do YOU Gaggle? Are you a worm? Are you a ? Whatever your niche, Gaggle is the game for you! Play Gaggle at a party, or at Family game night, Its always time to Gaggle!

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What is Gaggle?

Only the newest team-based trivia game for all kinds of smart! Whether you are a bookworm, film buff, sports nut, socialite, hipster or just plain nuts--Gaggle is the game for you. Work in teams to advance to the winner's circle by answering trivia in 4 main categories (IQ, Entertainment, Society and Culture, Back 2 School) and a Bonus category where you and your team can put your knowledge on the line and wager for spaces. Great for all occasions where there are people, which is pretty much every occasion. How will YOU Gaggle? Get one today and find out!

Gaggle's Features

  • Finally a game where everyone is an Einstein
  • Attention All: Movie Buffs, Brainiacs, Pop-Culture Heads, Sports Junkies and Gamblers
  • 660 Cards of good times!
  • A game where you're never out of it and your lead is never safe
  • From teenagers to grandparents, Gaggle is a game for everyone.

Buy Now! Try Some Questions


Answer the following question correctly

The greatest number of Mondays that can occur during the first 45 days of the year is what?


Got brains? You'll need em' because IQ is all about logic and problem solving. Don't trust your gut on these questions, think it through (without over-thinking).


Answer the following question correctly

In the 1990's cheddar was a slang word meaning what?

Society & Culture

Are you well traveled? Better hope your passport has more than a few stamps in it. Society & Culture will test your knowledge of the world and its people.


Answer the following question correctly

What is the nickname of the villain in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?


Movie buff? Good, because our Entertainment questions will put all those hours in front of the screen to good use. Brush up on your celebrity magazines and study IMDB if you want to excel.


Answer the following question correctly

What type of fish does Santiago battle in The Old Man and the Sea?

Back 2 School

Were you a straight A student? This might be the category for you. Back 2 School will test your geography and arithmetic like your back in the 5th grade. Time to hit the books!


Here's where things get a little crazy... Answer a bonus question right and you'll move ahead, get it wrong and you could get sent back up to three spaces. Bonus in unpredictable, it might ask you an question from IQ or Back 2 School, it might play you in rock, paper, scissors. You never know with bonus. Bonus will turn sure winners into has-beens! Far behind? Don't give up, a little luck and Bonus might send you to the front of the pack.

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Picture of David


Question Czar

Is the founder and chief question maker-upper. When not working on Gaggle, he can be seen jogging the streets of NYC or spending time with friends and family. How does David Gaggle... Trivia.

Picture of Sean


Marketing Monster

Is the co-founder and marketing guru. When not working on Gaggle, you can find him on the golf course practicing his swing. How does Sean Gaggle... Entertainment.

Picture of Lisa


Word Smith

Lisa is the one who likes the words... and the phrasing... and the punctuation. She can usually be found sipping coffee at Gulu-Gulu in Salem with her rescue dog Lily. How does Lisa Gaggle... Nogically.

Picture of Drew


Web Wizard twitter

Is a designer and child of the web generation. When he isn't setting type on Gaggle cards or coding HTML he is being mysterious. How does Drew Gaggle... IQ.

Picture of Nicole


Artsy Architect

Is the art director/designer/constructor of all things tangible in the world of Gaggle. When she's not gaggling, Nicole can usually be found making books, or at the beach....though never far from the internet. How does Nicole Gaggle? Bonus of course!

Picture of Katy


Mama Bear

Katy does anything and everything! Whether it's testing prototypes, double checking questions or making brownies... she does it all. When not feeding the Gaggle team, Katy can be found reading a good book or training for her next marathon. How does Katy Gaggle... Memory

Picture of Jake


Manufacturing Magician

Jake takes all our ideas and designs and makes Gaggle a reality. Outside of Gaggle, Jake can be found coaching lacrosse, watching college football or just being a dad to his 4 kids. How does Jake Gaggle... The Bet!

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